09 Sep 2016

Together for Social Europe

Book launch event ‘From Europe to Local: Migrating solidarity’

On Monday 10 October 2016, the Foundation of European Progressive Studies (FEPS) and SOLIDAR will hold an event to launch the book ‘From Europe to Local: Migrating Solidarity’.

As was recently highlighted by the European Commission in their Action Plan on Integration, “human mobility will be an inherent feature of the 21st century for Europe”. Migration flows to the EU, whether they are caused by economic, social, environmental or political reasons, are not going to stop. European societies are and will continue to become more diverse, plural, and multi-ethnic. The EU needs to develop new progressive policy solutions in order to turn this challenge into a social and economic opportunity for the European Union.

Against this background, FEPS and SOLIDAR set up a research programme started in 2015 to assess models of cooperation between institutions from the European to the local level and civil society organisations, to implement integration programmes and services for migrants and refugees.

With 11 outstanding contributions by academics, high level experts and policy makers, the book aims to respond to three main research questions. The first one examines the institutional frameworks in which integration policies are developed and provides recommendations to overcome discrepancies between the different levels of governance (from the national to the local level) in order to ensure coherent and harmonised policy outcomes. The second part focuses on the cooperation between local authorities and civil society organisations in providing integration services to migrants and refugees in Italy, Poland and Serbia. Last but not least, the book includes contributions by two Members of the European Parliament, Tanja Fajon (S&D Group, SD Slovenia) and Brando Benifei (S&D Group, PD Italy) providing a political perspective on what can be done at European level to improve the EU’s capacity to integrate migrants and refugees and build inclusive societies.

More information about the book launch event will follow shortly. Please register here.

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