10 Oct 2011

Support exploited migrant forest workers in the Czech Republic

From March to November, six to seven days a week, from dusk till dawn, they planted new trees, cut old ones, and cleared the forest. They were hired for seasonal work in Czech forests. Some were paid only part of their salaries; others didn’t receive a penny, and most lived through constant humiliation.

In 2009 and 2010, firms such as Affumicata Inc. and Wood Servis Praha Ltd. offered between 400 and 1200 Euros a month for forestry work. They attracted hundreds of workers from Vietnam, Romania, and Slovakia this way. However, these Czech firms never paid the salaries they promised, and still owe their workers for weeks of labor to this day. By the end of the working season some workers did not even have enough money to buy food, and some of those who protested were threatened by the management.
Support hundreds of migrant forest workers exploited in the Czech Republic by sending a letter (or your own version) to the LESS Inc. holding of which the Less & Forest Ltd. is part of.
Read more on the campaign website.

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