Sri Lanka

Formed in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004, the SOLIDAR Sri Lanka Consortium was active until mid-2009.
It was led by Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA), Arbeiter Samariterbund (ASB) Germany and SOLIDAR Suisse, and supported by expertise and funds from Progetto Sviluppo, Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA, La Ligue de l’Enseignement in cooperation with Solidarité Laïque, Volkshilfe and Fonds voor Ontwikkelingssalmenwerking (FOS) in cooperation with Solidarité Socialiste.

The SOLIDAR Consortium is emblematic of a collective international response made by SOLIDAR members to one of the world’s worst disasters in living memory. This collective response was deemed key to effective management of aid efforts on the ground to assist those affected by the disaster. Supported by the SOLIDAR network, together with generous funding assistance from a broad network of donors, the Consortium was able to respond to the huge logistical challenges posed by the unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

Initially it was a post-tsunami recovery and rebuilding effort that was mostly restricted to assisting the affected in the North/East region. Overtime, this assistance operation has evolved into an across-the-board Country Programme which is supported by a National Strategy committed to addressing deeply-entrenched poverty and post-conflict issues. Dedicated to bringing about a meaningful difference in communities with which the Corsortium works, the diversified Country Programme implemented by SOLIDAR Consortium and member organisations is underway in 17 districts of Sri Lanka.

Post-conflict and post-tsunami reconstruction and rehabilitation, de-mining, livelihoods support, peace and social justice, economic recovery and social development, Quick Impact Projects with UNHCR (United Nations Refugee Agency), provision of humanitarian assistance to communities affected by the resurgent violence, Shelter Coordination Cell (addressing temporary shelter needs of Internally Displaced People (with UNHCR, UNOPS, NRC) are some of the Programme’s projects assisting large numbers of crisis affected populations.

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