Social Justice in MENA region

The Arab Spring and other social movements such as the indignados in Spain or Occupy Wall Street, brought millions of people out onto the streets to address the issue of growing inequalities worldwide and to demand immediate political action for social justice. Yet despite this clear, strong message, the global trend is still heading towards further inequality. Social and economic development, accompanied by an equal distribution of knowledge, income and power, are essential to build a just and equal society and assure an inclusive democratic transition.

The Cooperation Network "Social Justice in the Middle East and North Africa" aims to build alliances between civil society organisations, think tanks, social movements, progressive political forces and independent trade unions to promote social justice for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).


Country reports

These reports have been developed in the framework of a regional program “Decent Work, Social Protection and Freedom of Association in the Middle East and North Africa region” led by SOLIDAR. The Social Protection Monitor is a tool developed by SOLIDAR members of the International Cooperation Committee, to allow partner organisations and allies based in the country to evaluate the priorities of the EU in the framework of the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP).

SOLIDAR and its members and partners in the region have published seven country reports on the European Neighbourhood Policy for Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan.

Country Reports 2014: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia.

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), our key principles up close

ENP up close - Are CSOs represented in Hahn’s new Neighbourhood? Issue no. 1
ENP up close - Freedom of Association & peaceful assembly should stay at the core of the revised European Neighbourhood Policy Issue no. 2
ENP up close - Freedom of Association in Palestine Issue no. 3
ENP up close - AFET report on the ENP review: a step in the right direction for a more social and human rights-based ENP Issue no. 4
ENP up close -
Time to establish a new equal European Neighbourhood Partnership
Issue no. 5
ENP up close - New ENP: Going back to basics... Yes, but for universal values Issue no. 6
ENP up close - How can the EU be a credible peace promoter in the MENA region? Issue no. 7
ENP up close - Rebuilding relations with European southern neighbourhood countries Issue no. 9
ENP up close - It’s about time for a new EU-Arab partnership! Issue no. 10
ENP up close - The new EU-Arab partnership should focus on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights! Issue no. 11
ENP up close - The EU-Arab partnership should promote a rights based approach to migration and development! Issue no. 12
ENP up close - Defending civil society space in the new EU-Arab partnership Issue no. 13
ENP up close - SOLIDAR launches seven social protection monitor reports on the European Neighbourhood Policy Issue no. 14
ENP up close - SOLIDAR at the third regional conference on the EU-Arab partnership in Beirut Issue no. 15
ENP up close - CSOs views for a more secure European Neighbourhood Partnership Issue no. 16
ENP up close - Defending Civil Society Space in Southern Neighbourhood Countries Issue no. 17
ENP up close - Commissioner Hahn’s visit to Tunisia should set clear ‘red lines’ for the implementation of the ENP in Tunisia Issue no. 18
ENP up close - EU-Tunisia association council: ENP implementation should be about socio-economic rights first! Issue no. 19
ENP up close - Red Lines for the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy Issue no. 20
ENP up close - SOLIDAR mobilising for social justice at the International Labour Conference 2016 Issue no. 21
ENP up close - SOLIDAR condemns the military trials against Egyptian workers Issue no. 22


Main pillars
Together with SOLIDAR members and partners in the region, we work to promote social justice through 6 benchmarks related to social, economical and cultural rights:

Freedom of association and peaceful assembly

  1. Access to Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCRs)
  2. Ability to establish associations and their access to funding
  3. Participation in decision making processes (including EU delegations)

Decent work and social protection

  1. Setup of social protection floors
  2. Growing informal economy and indecent work
  3. Respect for migrant workers’rights

Resources and materials

Terms of reference small grants facility

As a result of the ‘know your rights workshops’ and the ‘social policy making workshops’ participants will decide to initiate local visibility actions and / or advocacy initiatives each year (in total 28 local advocacy initiatives) depending on the defined recommendations. These actions, taking into consideration the country-specific needs, can range from expert roundtables with local and national decision makers to promote the implementation of the recommendations defined during the workshops to manifestations or publicly highlighting common challenges.

For the purpose of these initiatives a small grants facility called solidarity fund for visibility activities (SFV) is established as part of the proposed action’s budget.

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