08 Aug 2016

SOLIDAR mourns Karl Duffek

SOLIDAR mourns Karl Duffek who has been a longstanding friend, comrade and supporter of SOLIDAR. Karl was born in 1962 in Vienna. After studying Political and Social Sciences he became active in the Socialist Students Union of Austria after which he joined the Karl-Renner-Institute in 1998 and was appointed it’s Director in 1999. As International Secretary of the Austrian Social Democratic Party and Vice-President and Treasurer of Foundation for European Progressive Studies – FEPS he worked closely with SOLIDAR. We shared common values, convictions and the committed to the progress of intellectual progressive challenges.

Our thoughts are with his family and comrades!

Photo of Karl Duffek at the EU4U conference, co-roganised by SOLIDAR, that took place in Linz, Austria on 9th July 2016.

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