08 Sep 2015

SOLIDAR Members’ News

International Samaritan Forum 2015

Affiliate SOLIDAR member Samaritan International (SAM.I.) organised its 8th International Samaritan Forum in Italy last week. About 200 participants from ten different countries convened at the SAMARITAN Forum in Bolzano from 27th to 29th of August 2015. This year’s international Samaritan conference was focused on innovation in first aid and rescue. The participants also exchanged experiences regarding current challenges in volunteer work and emergency aid. SOLIDAR members ASB Germany and ASB Austria were also present with many representatives.

The conference was held in the European Academy (EURAC) in Bolzano. The international convention took place in the context of the 50th anniversary of White Cross. The association, which joined SAM.I. in 1998, was the host of the 8th SAMARITAN Forum.

In various discussions, partners from public authorities and technical institutions informed about the latest developments in first aid and rescue. During in-depth workshops, the members of the European Samaritan organisations discussed the great hopes they have for these new technologies. They also talked about current European challenges within civil protection. One of the shared aims among the organsations was, to make the process chain in emergencies more inclusive for people with disabilities. Following the slogan “first aid from the beginning”, the partners exchanged their experiences and ideas for first aid education for children and in schools.

Following the conference, the participants as well as additional guests from the association and from politics celebrated the 50th anniversary of the White Cross. More than 500 guests came together on the rooftop of the White Cross’ headquarters, to commemorate a successful half a century of rescue services in South Tyrol.

Ahead of the SAMARITAN Forum, the SAM.I. advisory committee convened to elect new members of the presidium. Renata Penazzi, Director of Slovakian SAM.I member ASSR, as well as Ulrich Bauch, Managing Director of ASB Germany, were elected as vice presidents. Both of them stressed, that they will be advocating for a stronger cooperation in refugee aid.

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