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Welcome to the SOLIDAR Middle East and North Africa Platform for Freedom of Association, Decent Work and Social Protection!

In the framework of the European Commission-funded regional programme “Decent Work, Social Protection and Freedom of Association in the Middle East and North Africa: Mobilizing for Social Justice by strengthening and promoting CSOs, social movements and independent trade unions’ role in reforms and democratic changes”, this platform aims to bring together representatives of civil society organisations, independent trade unions to share resources and materials to identify best and innovative practices around Freedom of Association and Decent Work and Social Protection though online regional exchanges.

The programme is taking place in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine, and it involves 21 partners in 12 Countries.

To know more about the program and its activities, or to get involved in SOLIDAR Middle East and North Africa Network write to Mabel Grossi, SOLIDAR MENA Project Coordinator.

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