Real Civil Society Democracy Europe

August 2013 - January 2015


  • As part of the European Year 2013 of Citizens, to increase the knowledge within civil society organisations in EU countries and on European level about their rights and possibilities to democratically influence the EU policy decision-making processes in national parliaments and in the EU institutions based on the Lisbon Treaty and The Charter for Fundamental Rights, and because of the models/systems used in these, countries to give citizens and civil society organisations access to influence.
  • To train and build up the capacity in civil society organisations to demand a strong role as important actors at national and European level in decision-making processes, in the public political debate and in the implementation of EU policy to secure a stronger citizen ownership in European cooperation and to raise the quality of the common policy.
  • To raise awareness in the public and political systems at national and European level about the value of an organised and systematic participatory model for involving civil society organisations in European cooperation processes, and to influence politicians to take responsibility for realising it in practice, inspired from the experiences and ideas throughout Europe.

Foreseen activities:

  • A mapping, including interviews with different stakeholders and actors, of the situation in the project countries and EU level about rights and possibilities to democratically influence EU policy decision-making processes.
  • 4-day training on the outcomes of the European Year 2013, the Lisbon Treaty/Charter for Fundamental Rights, with a focus on the rights and opportunities for citizens and CSOs.
  • Final conference in the European Parliament with MEPs, representatives from the Commission (including EACEA and different DGs), the permanent representations of the countries, European NGOs/CSOs, the COSAC secretariat etc.
  • Management and communication: Project Steering Committee (PSC) meetings, project website, detailed work plan and schedule, evaluations of activities and final report.

Project leader:
Forum for International Cooperation (FIC), Denmark

Institute for the Development of Employee Advancement Services (IDEAS), Ireland; Community Service Volunteers (CSV), UK; La Ligue de l’enseignement, France; Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro (CGIL), Italy; SOLIDAR, EU


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