Past Winners Archive 2000-2008


Syndica Sherkat-e Vahed (Iran) (Syndicate of Workers of Teheran and Suburbs Bus Company),
awarded for their courageous struggle for the respect of workers’ rights and social justice in Iran.

Globetree (Sweden)
awarded for keeping children at the centre of their work, Globetree uses creative expressions, such as theatre, drama and art, as the key tool to mobilise and support children and their teachers to improve their lives and living environment.


Heidemarie Wiezcorek-Zeul ((German Federal Minister for Cooperation and Development))
awarded for her efforts to build an EU strategy on Africa, her extensive work in European development policy and promoting the rights of women worldwide.

Plataforma de Mujeres Artistas contra la violencia de Género
were chosen for their campaign against domestic violence, awareness raising and their work on gender issues with the aim of promoting equality and independence for women in Spain and around the world.

Réseau Education Sans Frontières (France)
awarded for their work providing information and support to undocumented migrant school children, for their campaigns in locally organised branches against the deportation of migrant school children and their families.

Aminatou Haidar, Human rights Activist (Western Sahara)
awarded for her continuing work towards her goal of achieving self-determination for the Saharawi people using non-violent means and for her awareness-raising of their plight internationally.

Parents Circle - Families Forum (Israel-Palestine)
awarded for their work to educate and influence the public and policymakers to support an end to violence and the achievement of a political agreement between Israel and Palestine by striving to change perceptions and promote the rethinking of attitudes regarding the ongoing conflict and how Israeli and Palestinians views each other.


Tarja Halonen (President of the Republic of Finland)
awarded for her role as co-chair of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalisation, and for her campaign to promote the human face of globalisation, by emphasising ‘Decent Work’ as a vital contributing factor to the eradication of poverty.

Sudan Organisation Against Torture (Sudan)
awarded for their courageous campaign against human rights’ abuses in Sudan.

Kav La O’Ved (Israel)
awarded for its commitment to the defence of workers’ rights in Israel.

Denise Fuchs (France)
awarded for her campaign to improve the condition of women and to address the issues of violence and prostitution; and for helping to give women a voice at the European level.

Francisca Sauquillo Pérez Del Arco (Spain)
the founding president of the NGO, Movement for Peace, Disarmament and Freedom (MPDL) awarded for a lifetime of dedication to the defence of workers’ rights, trade unionists, women’s rights and the promotion of peace.

Filo D’Argento (Italy)
This Italian helpline was set up for the elderly, offering support, conversation, and acting as a watchdog against abuse.


Chapitô (Portugal)
awarded for its long history of work supporting young people at risk of social exclusion and its rich contribution to Lisbon’s artistic scene.

Lietuvos Samarieciu Bendrija (Lithuania)
awarded for their work in providing assistance to the most vulnerable in Lithuanian society.

The Global Call to Action against Poverty
awarded for the hard work and personal commitment of the ordinary members of the GCAP alliance, who lobbied their governments and supported local initiatives in the campaign against global poverty.

Juan Somovia (Director of International Labour Organization)
awarded for his vision of a just globalisation which puts at its core decent work for a decent life.

The Flower Label Program
Frank Brassel and Cruz Emilia Rangel Ferreira together with producers from Latin America, trade unions, German importers and florists, developed an international Code of Conduct for cut flower production.


Tom Benetollo (Italy)
awarded for his lifelong work for international solidarity and peace.

Narodna Dopomoha(Ukraine)
awarded for their work to improve the lives of the most vulnerable groups of society, particularly the homeless and the poor.

Graça Machel (Mozambique)
awarded for her unrelenting commitment to promoting peace in Africa, and her work championing children’s rights.

National League for Democracy of Burma
awarded for their struggle for democracy in Burma and for their courage in the face of oppression by the ruling military junta.


Nicolás Gutiérrez (Spain)
awarded for his continued struggle, in the face of great personal risk, to promote freedom and security for all in the Basque country.

The Self-Employed Women’s Association(India)
awarded for their outstanding contribution in achieving self- reliance and human rights for women workers in India.

Zackie Achmat (South Africa)
awarded for his tireless and personal struggle for the right of HIV/AIDS sufferers in Africa to have access to anti-retroviral medicines.


Belaruski Chas Newspaper (Belarus)
The biggest opposition newspaper in Belarus. The staff of Belaruski Chas has risked its life to defend trade union rights and freedom for the media in Belarus.

Jean-Michel Folon(Belgium)
awarded for his continued promotion of human rights through his artwork, including an illustrated version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Sima Samar (Afghanistan)
First Woman Minister of Afghanistan for Women’s Affairs, Dr Samar practiced as a doctor in border refugee camps, setting up clinics, promoting the rights of Afghan women and children. She’s now Head of the Human Rights Commission in Afghanistan.

Promotion et Appui aux Initiatives Feminines (Democratic Republic of Congo)
awarded for their work monitoring human rights abuses against women, assisting women to fight for their rights in court cases, running micro-credit programmes and for drawing attention to the widespread use of sexual violence in war.


Morgan Tsvangirai (Zimbabwe)
President of the Zimbabwean Movement for Democratic Change - a key figure in the fight for human rights in Zimbabwe.

Rudolf Sarkozi (Austria)
awarded for his struggle for the cause of the Roma population in Austria and in seeking social justice for all Roma and Sinti people.

The Barka Foundation for Mutual Help(Poland)
A community organisation in Poland working with the socially excluded to develop training and housing projects.


Doreen and Neville Lawrence (UK)
The parents of Stephen Lawrence, whose long fight for justice led to changes in UK law

Media for Democracy (Former Yugoslavia)
A group of journalists who have risked life and liberty to keep alive the idea of a free press in former Yugoslavia

Centre for Trade Union and Workers’ Services (Egypt)
awarded for their work to promote workers’ rights whilst being detained on various occasions by the Egyptian State Security

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