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Since August 2010, Pakistan has been suffering from the worst floods ever. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Baluchistan, Sind and Punjab have been the worst affected areas. Millions of people have lost their homes and livelihoods. Many are still lacking food, safe water, shelter, and working tools in order to clear their houses, fields and public places.

2.2 million houses and 74% of crops surface have been destroyed; roads, bridges, schools, and institutional infrastructures are severely damaged. With over 20 million people affected, the extent of the damage is massive and reconstruction will then take long years, beyond the still needed emergency aid.

SOLIDAR member/partners organisations including Solidar Suisse, Olof Palme International Center, ISCOS and Labour Education Foundation are present in the country, supporting the population.

Through the SOLIDAR network, they receive support from several other SOLIDAR member organisations, including AWO International, Norwegian Peoples Aid, OBG Luxembourg, APHEDA, FOS Solsoc Belgium and Volkshilfe Austria, who have worked at raising funds in solidarity with the Pakistani population.

Solidar Suisse (Switzerland)

SOLIDAR member Solidar Suisse is currently engaged in the North of Pakistan (Charsadda, Punjab and Nowhsera district) as well as in the Sindh Province and Layyah district (South Pakistan).

  • In emergency areas, they intervene in the direct aftermath of the disaster providing victims with first aid toolkits plastic sheets and a tool-kit to clear their houses and village. Solidar Suisse also supports the affected communities in emergency shelter construction and social mobilising teams who guarantee that the rebuilding is safe and adequate. Over 2,000 families among the most severally affected were assisted.
  • Solidar Suisse has started the construction of 800 transitional Shelters and Sanitation Facilities in the same affected areas. These shelters are built in bamboo / clay and are designed to last for at least 12 months and offer protection from the coming winter.
  • In a longer-term perspective, Solidar Suisse is working together with SOLIDAR partners Labour Education Foundation (LEF) since March 2011 to help affected populations rebuild a livelihood. For example: by rehabilitating rural infrastructures to resume agricultural activities, or by training youth and women in sustainable construction skills. Additionally, Solidar Suisse is engaged in a reconstruction project aiming at supporting the most vulnerable in the reconstruction of safe and sustainable homes.

6 SOLIDAR members (Apheda, AWO International, OGBL Luxembourg, FOS Belgium, NPA and Volkshilfe Austria) have joined SOLIDAR Suisse by transferring donations collected in their home countries or have applied for funds from national institutional donors to support the SOLIDAR Suisse projects in Pakistan.

ISCOS Cisl (Italy)

Italian members Iscos Cisl have been working in Pakistan since 1998 on human and workers rights, refugees and vocational education. In direct aftermath of the August floods, they launched a humanitarian relief intervention with the Pakistani Embassy in Italy, as well as their local partner PWF, Pakistan Workers’ Federation, through ISCOS’ office in Islamabad.

They are still currently running specific projects to support the rehabilitation process in the flood affected areas, while furthering their long-term engagement in support to the marginalised in Pakistan. Extensive information can be found on their Iscos Pakistan website.

Olof Palme International Center (Sweden)

Our Swedish members, Olof Palme, who are working in Pakistan on union rights and adult education, have provided humanitarian support through their local partners to the floods victims. See their website for more information.

Labour Education Foundation (Pakistan)

Our partner in Pakistan, Labour Education Foundation has launched a Labour Relief Campaign on 7 August 2010 to provide support to workers populations affected by the floods (latest developments on the LEF website).

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