11 Mar 2014

Organising International Solidarity

Mobilising for Social Justice | Taste of freedom - Power to Women @ World Social Forum

SOLIDAR together with the Global Progressive Forum (GPF), SOLIDAR Member Organisations, Trade Unions and NGOs from both Europe and the MENA region* will be involved in several roundtable debates at the World Social Forum (WSF) that will take place in Tunis from 24 to 27 March 2015. Lead by the Global Progressive Forum (GPF), one of the workshops will focus on women fight for freedom and social justice.

Last Sunday on 8th March was dedicated to International Women’s Day to draw attention to women’s rights, women’s achievements and call for more gender equality. Recent years have shown many women at the forefront of major citizens’ movements and revolutions, asking for change, justice and equality. Not only through demonstrations, gatherings, marches, rallies and campaigns, women have voiced and expressed their demands. Nevertheless, while women try to fight for their common cause, institutional and instrumental obstacles push them away from the frontlines, setting back the achievements they had gotten or hoped for.

In this framework, the workshop titled ‘A Progressive Approach to Women Rights’ will discuss the following;

  • How can we revitalize the women’s civil society and political movements be it cross-party, cross-generations, cross-sectorial, cross-religion and cross-social status?
  • How we can overcome the hurdles in front of them, to find synergies and continue in a positive progressive way forward and ensure women’s economic, social and political empowerment as part of the fight for social justice?
  • How can women’s rights movements, with new and young women activists/ feminists, address today’s issues in order for rights to be adopted and implemented and women’s role and situation be improved?

In the framework of its program Social Justice in the MENA Region, SOLIDAR considers that while women’s involvement was largely emphasized during the Arab spring, the uprisings were followed by big disappointments in terms of enhancing women’s rights and inducing a change in gender roles. In particular women in the MENA region remain having limited access to economic and political decision-making processes in their families, nations, or international institutions. Women’s associations and movements in the region have been suffering from growing pressures since decades. To raise attention on the issue, in 2014 a call for academic papers was launched leading to the publication of a collection of articles on women’s rights and gender equality in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Palestine in cooperation with FEPS: Woman UP!
Join us in during the World Social Forum at the Space for Social Justice at the University Campus in Tunis!

You can also follow the debates through #SocialJustice_WSF.

More details will be communicated shortly.

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