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There are currently 22 SOLIDAR member and affiliated member organisations working in the Middle East region, which include the countries of Israel, Palestine & OPT, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. They operate in a broad range of activities in the fields of humanitarian aid, integrated development programmes, education, gender, migration and refugees, human rights and democracy, and pro-peace policy and lobbying. All work in partnership with local civil society organisations, and many have well-established field offices in the region.

At European and international levels, SOLIDAR’s role is to translate the experiences and challenges of its member organisations working in the field into advocacy/lobbying actions towards decision-making authorities. This work is founded on ongoing collaboration with Palestinian and Israeli progressive forces in the Middle East for the establishment of a sustainable peace in the region based on the application of international law.

Conference: Social Justice in the Middle East and North Africa 13-14 November

Currently, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region reports some of the highest youth unemployment rates in the world. In many of the countries, youth unemployment rates are at least double the total rates; between two and four out of ten people aged 15 to 25 are unemployed. To tackle these profound challenges more than 100 participants from civil society, trade unions and progressive movements gathered to develop building blocks for a new socio-economic development paradigm for the region, focusing on socio- economic rights, the right to social protection to fight inequality and transform societies, and the freedom of assembly and association as a key instrument to claim, improve and defend economic, social and cultural rights. Please read the final programme, list of participants and the final declaration.

Civil society, trade unions and progressive movements, joined by Members of the European and national parliaments including Libor Roucek (MEP), Emilio Menendez del Valle (MEP), Ines Ayala Sender (MEP), Carina Hagg (MP, Sweden) and Janet Anne Royall (Member House of Lords, UK) agreed on the following main recommendations:

  • Social inclusion is a prerequisite for democracy
  • Access to quality healthcare, education and social protection for everyone
  • Promote inclusive economic growth on the basis of social justice
    Job creation must be a priority and must be followed by rising salaries and redistributive policies
  • Mutually strengthening trade agreements with the EU including social standards
  • Strong support by the European Union for sustainable change.

Syria Crisis: Preparing for Winter

On Wednesday 14 November, SOLIDAR and its member organisation Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) facilitated a visit by a delegation of Members of the European Parliament – including Libor Roucek, Emilio Menendez del Valle and Ines Ayala Sender – to the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan and the transit station Rahmta on the border with Syria. The fact-finding mission also included a stopover at the NPA’s demining programme along the border, where over 120.000 mines have been cleared and corridors are created for refugees to safely flee Syria. Follow the link to learn more about SOLIDAR members’ acitivities on Syrian refugees.

SOLIDAR members are working together in the region to provide humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries and are also developing channels to provide humanitarian assistance inside Syria in cooperation with local organisations. Additionally, they are developing trainings for Syrian activists on democratisation and human rights, and on organisation and use of media. Please read a short overview of SOLIDAR Member organisations’ activities concerning the Syria Crisis.

More information on SOLIDAR members activities in the Middle East countries can be found through the following links:

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