05 Oct 2011

MEPs support domestic workers

In light of the World Day for Decent Work, taking place worldwide on 7 October, SOLIDAR is organising a two-day Domestic Workers Tour to call on MEPs and government representatives to support promote the ratification of the ILO Domestic Workers Convention.

This landmark Convention sets out that domestic workers around the world who care for families and households must have the same basic labour rights as those available to other workers. If ratified and implemented, it will improve the working and living conditions of the estimated 100 million domestic workers worldwide (the majority of whom are women).

During the round table, participants heard the stories of domestic workers’ representatives from Myrtle Witbooi (SADSAWU – South Africa), Leddy Mozombite (SINTTRAHOL - Peru) and Irma Tobias (KAMPI - Italy) about the conditions of domestic workers in their countries, how the ILO Domestic Workers Convention (C189) can change these conditions and why Europe should spearhead its ratification and implementation process.

Following the event, MEPs showed their support to the ratification of the ILO Convention on Decent Work for Domestic Workers (C189).

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