SOLIDAR promotes the rights of migrants in the development of a coherent European migration and integration policy.

With the arrival of roughly 50,000 migrants from the Maghreb to Italy and Malta since 2011, migration has been put back firmly at the heart of debate all over Europe and at the centre of EU policy.

The growing anti-immigrant sentiment across Europe is deeply concerning. The crisis has contributed to the sharpening of this debate and to a rhetoric that stigmatises immigrants and results in even more restrictive immigration policies. In view of our shrinking population, it is also in Europe’s interests to recognise that we need migration for our own prosperity in the long-term.

What we do

SOLIDAR works in cooperation with other international networks, NGOs, think tanks and trade unions to carry out advocacy towards the European Institutions to ensure that EU policy respects the rights of migrants.

The network has notably been active in the campaign around the Seasonal Workers Directive. The result of which is that the parliamentary report on the topic has strong provisions for social protection and safeguard of labour rights of seasonal workers, access to adequate housing according to national standards, availability of complaint mechanisms and judicial protection, in addition to labour inspections and sanctions for employers violating labour and human rights.

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