On the morning of 12 January 2010, Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake killing more than 220,000 people and making over 1.5 million homeless.

In the direct aftermath of the disaster, SOLIDAR members reacted in a surge of solidarity to provide assistance to the victims of the Haitian earthquake, and to coordinate their relief actions.

Together, Assemblea de Cooperacion Por la Paz and Solidaridad Internacional set up an emergency intervention in Jacmel to ship and distribute more than 140 tons of humanitarian aid in the streets and refugee camps, assisting more than 180 people a day.

Medical teams from Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund (ASB) Germany and ASB Austria were sent in an immediate relief intervention to bring support to earthquake victims of the earthquake with food, emergency health kits and surgical material, allowing more than 13,000 persons to receive medical treatment within the first three months.

Norwegian Peoples Aid, Volkshilfe Austria, Solidarité Syndicale Luxembourg, Solidar Suisse, SASK Finland, Solidarité Laique, ARCI, Progetto Sviluppo - CGIL, Progetto Sud, ISCOS and APHEDA coordinated with the SOLIDAR members active in the field to support and increase the impact of their interventions.

The SOLIDAR Haiti Solidarity Fund was set up to centralise the funds raised by SOLIDAR members and partners in solidarity with Haiti. More than €413,300 were collected and channelled to support the work of SOLIDAR member organisations in the field.

Two years later, as reconstruction still lingers behind promises and expectations and serious underlying issues of poverty, unemployment, and governance remain, SOLIDAR members are still present and working to support the population and the building of a better future for Haiti.

Assemblea de Cooperacion Por la Paz and Solidaridad Internacional are working in the South-East department together with their local partners supporting over 1000 families through a comprehensive rehabilitation program to revitalize the local economy and environment while improving the food security and preparedness to natural disasters.

ASB Germany has established an office in Petit Goâve to support reconstruction efforts and disaster risk reduction education in schools.

Because quality education for all paves the ground for the reconstruction of an economically and socially strong country, Solidarité Laique is working at every level to support the youth, street children and the rebuilding of a strong sustainable and fair educational system in Haiti.

In the commune of Croix-des-Bouquets, Movimiento Por la Paz (MPDL), is involved in school reconstruction projects while AWO International and Austrian member Volkshilfe are supporting a project to protect children living in camps.

SOLIDAR members are also there to support a socially just and decent reconstruction process that is respective of workers’ rights, security and dignity: ISCOS, Progetto Sviluppo, Progetto Sud, Auser and Arcs-ARCI are working with Haitian and international trade unions to improve workers skills, the institutional empowerment of representative unions and the promotion of social dialogue.

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