Decent Work for Youth

This project aims to promote youth participation in industrial relations by facilitating the exchange of work place experiences through a network of social media outlets. Because of the high levels of youth unemployment, a European network of active youth is being formed to encourage individuals to take ownership of the positions they do hold in the labour market and stress to the youth the necessity, relevance, and benefits of active engagement in industrial relations.

SOLIDAR is a project partner.

Period: November 2012- November 2013



  • 10-11 January 2013: Steering Committee and Project Partner meeting, Copenhagen
  • Steering Committee and project partner meeting, Rome
  • 1st Youth Meeting; Official foundation of the European Network, Copenhagen
  • Steering Committee and project partner meeting, Dublin
  • 2nd Youth Meeting & Concluding Conference, Brussels

Project Partners:

Funded By: European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Contact: Agata Patecka, Education and Lifelong Learning Officer

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