Humanitarian Solidarity

Many of SOLIDAR network members have extensive experience in providing humanitarian assistance in areas around the world suffering due to conflict or natural disasters. This expertise includes providing medical help, water supplies, shelter, transport, food and other items, counselling and mine clearance. Many other members have an important role in fundraising to support the emergency actions of their partners working in the field.

SOLIDAR helps to coordinate actions by members in specific countries, most recently in Horn of Africa.

Cooperation in the field between SOLIDAR members is also growing in other areas, such as in developing response mechanisms to humanitarian emergencies. The Cooperation in the field Working Group has developed guidelines which set out the modalities of cooperation between SOLIDAR members according to various levels of engagement, and provides a roadmap for extending and strengthening cooperation.

Countries in which SOLIDAR member organisations are active include:

The Philippines Pakistan Sri Lanka
Horn of Africa Haiti Middle East
Maghreb India

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