Participation in decision making processes (including EU delegations)

Effective civil society participation in government decision making can play a critical role in the development and strengthening of a pluralistic, participatory and accountable democracy.

In a modern and democratic society, it is vital to have the support of active and committed citizens, as well as of the organisations in which they come together to give a voice to their concerns, in order to realise political ambitions and objectives.

Ensuring participation of grassroots-level players, through their representative organisations, in policy-shaping and decision-making processes is therefore a key instrument to reinforce the democratic legitimacy of public institutions and their work and activities. Their involvement furthermore facilitates the emergence of a new consensus on the sense and direction of public affairs and makes it possible to shape policies and to make decisions in the general interest.

Monitoring this benchmark helps assess the informed policy dialogue between decision-makers and community leaders on one side and civil society organisations, think tanks, social movements and independent trade unions on the other.

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