13 Jan 2012

Comment: New Year - New Treaty - New Policies?

The end of the year has not been a quiet time for everybody. In particular our thoughts go to the Syrian opposition who is facing the brutal pressure of President Assad’s troops; it goes also to the democratic opposition in Hungary which continues to courageously stand against the transition of their country to fascism; and in particular it goes to Haiti where 2 years after the earthquake and despite reconstruction and humanitarian efforts, the situation is still catastrophic but no longer taken up by Western media.

Back in the EU, discussion has started around the tabled draft of the "Treaty on stability, coordination and governance in the economic and monetary union". This Treaty will oblige contracting Eurozone parties to limit their deficits to 3% of GDP and debts to 60% of GDP, which basically means that financial and fiscal orthodoxy will become binding law. It also gives the option to any contracting country of bringing another country to the European Court of Justice for breaching the rules, increasing the risk of nationalism and egoism between member states.

Furthermore, by giving preference to the inter-governmental method - the Treaty proposal foresees only discussion meetings with representatives of national parliaments in association with representatives of the European Parliament - and with only a mention of the role of the social partners, this proposal is far from addressing the economic and social dimension or guaranteeing democratic governance and control.

This is the time for a vibrant coalition of progressives to set another agenda of social consolidation and social convergence, by in fact finally applying the Europe 2020 Strategy’s smart, sustainable and inclusive growth!

Conny Reuter, Secretary General

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