09 Sep 2016

Building Learning Societies

European Civic Academy in La Rochelle

In the last few months we have seen increasing signs of democratic disenchantment, while more and more have begun questioning the European project. This has been illustrated by recent events such as the Brexit vote that have a significant impact on the process of disintegration, and fuel regressive populism. At a time when Europe faces unprecedented challenges with regards to solidarity, rising inequalities, and a migration/refugee crisis, its commitment to and continuous promotion of fundamental rights, democracy and rule of law must be given priority. Attention must also be paid to civic engagement and re-engagement of people’s participation in democratic society.

Mobilisation for social and democratic change starts at the local level, with the work of activists from civil society organisations who are working to enhance democracy by building inclusive learning societies.
This autumn, leading European CSOs are organising a European Civic Academy that will take place in La Rochelle, France, on 7-9 October 2016. This meeting will provide a platform for Civil Society Organisations from all over Europe to meet and discuss the state of democracy and civic engagement in Europe. In the framework of the European Civic Academy SOLIDAR Foundation will be hosting an event dedicated to promoting peace and fundamental rights in Europe and world-wide.

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