Building Global Civil Society

What is the Global Network?

Since 2001, SOLIDAR supports a network of labour movement organisations, labour activists and campaigners in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Arab Countries: the Global Network - through projects funded by DFID/UKAid and the European Commission.

The Global Network aims to promote human, social and economic rights by improving the ability of workers’ movements and civil society organissations to take action through mutual exchanges of experience, joint actions and the adoption of alternative agendas.

What we do

The Global Network provides research and real-life case studies, trainings, and facilitates the exchange of good practice. It operates at :

  • National level: empowering ‘vulnerable’ workers (that is to say informal economy workers, migrant workers, precarious workers, etc.) and their organisations to claim their rights. It does so by providing technical support to workers organisations - like home-based women workers cooperatives in Pakistan; raising awareness and campaigning on specific workers’ rights issues - like decent work for domestic workers; advocating for policy changes to achieve decent work for all.
  • Regional level: working on issues which have common challenges within a same region.
  • Global level: carrying out joint advocacy moments and publications aimed at influencing international decision makers.

What we want

  • To reinforce the capacity of labour movement organisations in the South to engage in major development policy discussions at both the EU and International level.
  • To create a coordinated global policy space for labour activists and civil society organisations from all around the world.

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