An EU strategy to implement 2030 Agenda urgently needed!

This week (6 June), the SDG Watch Europe, an alliance of 70 organisations including SOLIDAR, CONCORD, the Social Platform, the EEB and many others, has sent an open letter to the European Commission’s President Juncker calling for him to urgently adopt an overarching strategy to guide the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

The SDG Watch Europe’s call is also echoed by the European Parliament’s Resolution of 12 May 2016, which has asked the Commission to “come forward with a proposal for an overarching Sustainable Development Strategy encompassing all relevant internal and external policy areas, with a detailed timeline up to 2030”.

Agreed in September 2015, the adoption of the 2030 Agenda was a major global achievement to to put the world on a sustainable development path. The EU has greatly contributed to its adoption. However, there has been very little progress on its implementation at EU level. For this reason, the SDG Watch Open Letter asks the EU to

  • Boldly and coherently implement the whole 2030 Agenda – both internally and externally. Since the 2030 Agenda was agreed, there has been extremely little progress at EU level.
  • Adopt an integrated and coherent approach covering the full gamut of internal and external policy and action. Such an approach must be set out in an overarching strategy which guides the work of all the European Commission Directorates-General, as well as that of other EU institutions.
  • To provide integration and coherence between the EU’s domestic and external affairs breaking down the silos that continue to exist between and within DGs and the sectors they represent.

Finally, the letter highlights that given the central role of civil society in developing, promoting and implementing the 2030 Agenda, the EU should also involve civil society in drawing up its implementation strategy, as recommended by the European Parliament in its resolution mentioned above.

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