Alliances and Networks

SOLIDAR works with diverse partners and networks to achieve a stronger voice, wider reach and solid credibility:

Global Alliances

  • The Global Network - a worldwide alliance of NGOs and trade unions brought together by their concerns and interests in the effects of globalisation, coordinated by SOLIDAR.

European Platforms

  • SOCIAL PLATFORM - European Platform of Social NGOs.
  • CONCORD - EU NGO Confederation for Relief and Development.
  • EUCIS-LLL - European Civil Society Platfom on Lifelong Learning.

European Alliances

  • Spring Alliance - a participatory movement to ensure that the EU puts people and planet first. We are active through the Social Platform and CONCORD.
  • Liaison Group in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) - co-chaired by SOLIDAR Secretary General and President of the EESC Henri Malosse. This Group aims to develop structured European civil dialogue between civil society organisations and EU institutions.
  • European Year of Citizens 2013 Alliance - major European civil society organisations and networks joined forces to put European citizenship at the heart of EU integration.
  • Social Services Europe - seven Europe-wide networks of not-for-profit providers of social and health care services who each have a track record in providing value-driven services for the most vulnerable in our societies.
  • Informal Network for Sustainable Development in Public Procurement - network of NGOs which aims to ensure that environmental and social considerations are taken into account when public authorities buy products and services in order to contribute to the realisation of sustainable development and the EU 2020 Strategy.
  • European Working Group on Social Protection in Development Cooperation - civil society organisations who want to see social protection given the prominence it deserves in EU aid policy and as part of the Decent Work agenda.
  • Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors - set up to influence the debates on social protection floors and raise awareness on ILO Recommendation 202.

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