The SOLIDAR Network works to promotes a rights-based migrant-centered approach to a coherent European migration and integration policy.

90% of the world’s migrants are workers and their families in search of employment. Since May 2011, the migration policy debate has gained momentum and SOLIDAR, together with its partners and alliances, contribute to the debate on EU migration policy by actively promoting a decent work and human rights based approach to migration.

What we do

The SOLIDAR network is involved in a variety of migration-related projects and programmes ranging from service provision (legal counselling, language and IT courses, education) to advocacy and lobbying (awareness-raising, campaigns for migrants’ rights and against discrimination) to co-development. The network’s target groups include migrant workers, undocumented migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, the victims of trafficking, female migrants and unaccompanied minors.

Our priorities

Projects and campaigns

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  • Integration

    SOLIDAR promotes the rights of migrants in the development of a coherent European migration and integration policy. With the arrival of roughly 50,000 migrants from the Maghreb to Italy and Malta since 2011, migration has been put back firmly (...)

  • Migration & Development

    SOLIDAR works to promote a rights-based-approach to labour migration and decent work (in line with the relevant UN and ILO conventions) and for policy coherence for development. It is widely acknowledged that a lack of decent living and working (...)

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