SOLIDAR’s international cooperation work is driven by a rights-based approach. The SOLIDAR network believes that:

  • human beings have certain rights which cannot be taken away from them and which enable them to make claims on others when their rights are being denied or violated.
  • the best way for people to get out of poverty and to live a decent life is through accessing and exercising their social, economic and cultural rights.
  • every human should have the chance to live free from want, from fear and from discrimination.

What we do

SOLIDAR members work as development organisations, carrying out development and humanitarian projects in third countries as well as awareness-raising about development issues in their own countries.

The SOLIDAR network, together with our alliances and networks, works to fight the root causes of global poverty, inequality, injustice and to contribute to create a more equitable and sustainable development model.

Our priorities

We do so by:

Projects and campaigns

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  • Social Justice in MENA region

    The Arab Spring and other social movements such as the indignados in Spain or Occupy Wall Street, brought millions of people out onto the streets to address the issue of growing inequalities worldwide and to demand immediate political action for (...)

  • Decent Work & Social Protection

    Social protection is a universal right which is affordable (also for poor countries) and which works to accelerate progress towards sustainable and inclusive development. Social protection consists of a range of different measures: measures of (...)

  • Building Global Civil Society

    What is the Global Network? Since 2001, SOLIDAR supports a network of labour movement organisations, labour activists and campaigners in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Arab Countries: the Global Network - through projects funded by (...)

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