The SOLIDAR network works to bring more attention to non-formal and informal adult education and training (prior learning) and to specific educational provisions for socio-economically vulnerable groups such as working poor, young people, migrants, workers in precarious working conditions and working poor.

Almost 120 million people in Europe are living in poverty or at the threat of falling into poverty, of which 24 million working poor. 77 million European aged 25-64 (close to 30%) still have at most lower secondary education and those with low qualifications are much less likely to participate in up-skilling and lifelong learning.

What we do...

SOLIDAR members include workers’ education associations, trade union education institutes and popular education movements, strong actors in promoting and providing education and training for adults on local and national levels.

For example: Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund (Sweden) organises over 91,000 study circles each year for roughly 750,000 people; DGB Bildungswerk (Germany) has over 30 years’ experience in providing vocational training to trade unionists; and La Ligue de l’Enseignement (France) manages 600 education and leisure centres, and 60 vocational training centres all over France.

Our priorities

Projects and campaigns

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  • Investing in education

    Education, training and cultural expression play a significant role in promoting and improving social cohesion, active inclusion and participation. In order to reduce inequalities and promote the well-being of society at large, the inner (...)

  • Building Learning Societies

    The validation opportunities for skills, competences and knowledge are limited in the majority of EU Member States, opportunities to make skills visible and recognised for the benefit of individuals and society at large is largely underused. (...)

  • Vocational E&T

    SOLIDAR advocates for increase investment in education and training in accordance with the EU Social Investment Package and use the EU mobility programmes that promote vocational training (VET) so that learning and working experience can be (...)

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