• 04 Nov 2011
    Social Platform Annual Conference on care

    On 9 December, the Social Platform is hosting its Annual Conference on the topic of care. Its vision of "care" is to respect the rights of individuals, guaranteeing access to services and promoting social inclusion. The conference will tackle (...)

  • 04 Nov 2011
    Round table report on decent work through effective industrial relations

    The current austerity measures implemented by European governments are putting in jeopardy the social infrastructure that vulnerable groups rely on and are promoting atypical and precarious employment, meaning that more and more people are (...)

  • 04 Nov 2011
    Social protection: a win-win situation

    Last week, the ILO’s Social Protection Advisory Group, chaired by former President of Chile and UN Women Executive Director Michelle Bachelet, issued a report on "Social Protection Floor for a Fair and Inclusive Globalization". According to Ms (...)

  • 04 Nov 2011
    A flurry of activities around the G20 Summit in Cannes

    As G-20 heads of government meet to discuss financial markets and the world economy on 2-3 November in Cannes, a number of actors joined their forces in campaigning for the introduction of a Financial Tax Transaction (FTT). From Robin Hood (...)

  • 07 Nov 2011
    Policy Coherence for Development Report Launched Today

    Today, CONCORD, the EU platform of development NGOs, is launching the second report Spotlight on EU Policy Coherence for Development. Policy Coherence for Development (PCD) is not only a provision in the Lisbon Treaty, but also an obligation (...)

  • 10 Nov 2011
    European Institute on Lifelong Learning

    On 9 November the European Civil Society Platform on Lifelong Learning (EUCIS-LLL) publicly presented the idea of a European Institute on Lifelong Learning that has been developed within the EUCIS-LLL working group on the sustainability of (...)

  • 10 Nov 2011
    Decent Work finally on G20 agenda?

    Last week’s G20 meeting in Nice was the occasion to reiterate the Labour and Employment Ministers’ conclusions on the global measures to support workers and those in precarious employment situation. During the last G20 meeting in September they (...)

  • 10 Nov 2011
    Experts discuss the role of the EU at the Round Table on Social Protection

    On 10 November SOLIDAR chaired FES Round Table on Social Protection where experts from different regions discussed what the EU should do and can do to promote social protection and whether the EU is able to take up a leading role in advocating a (...)

  • 18 Nov 2011
    European Global Education Week

    This week the North-South Center of the Council of Europe (or the European Center for Global Interdependence and Solidarity) is facilitating the 13th edition of the Global Education Week named "Act for our Planet!". As a part of the national (...)

  • 18 Nov 2011
    G20: the not-so-shiny development side of the coin

    It is likely that Cannes will be remembered chiefly as the "Greek crisis summit." But some important promises have been made when it comes to introduction of a financial transaction tax (FTT) and innovative financing for climate change (...)

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